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"I’m a very private person, I loathe the invasive. The only appropriate time to ever ask me anything is never."
- N. DiDonátti (via bonvivantx)


I. Always call and return your mother’s calls as promptly as you possibly can. Remind her in every conversation how appreciative you are — how much you love, miss and adore her.

II. Make it a ritual to smile every morning. Doing so will send signals to the brain making it think it’s happy….

"He is my first love, my only love, and my very last. Even if circumstances set us apart, we’ll always find our way back. No amount of absence will ever stop me from falling in love with him over and over again. Years later and he still conducts my heart to feel the most. Love like this is timeless.

It has only been you. It has always been you. It will always be you."
- Je suis tout à toi & I’m yours (via bonvivantx)


Incessant use of expletives can be off-putting. Make an attempt to completely eliminate them out of your vocabulary, or at least master the art of reticent/inconspicuous slander. Imprecation is for the inarticulate and obtuse. Composure over anything.

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